Our service doesn't stop at your doorstep, we also specialize in upgrading and repairing you installations at home and at the cottage.

We can offer our expertise in bringing you house up to code and how to weather those power blackouts with as little impact as possible.

At Drycore Electric Québec we strive to make your home your castle. We have many years experience in the residential sector and have worked on every aspect of our clients homes.

We can also help you bring those soaring heating costs under control and start putting the money back in your pocket. Click here for some tips on how to get started.

Residential Electrical Services:

  • Conversion to electric heating:
    • We can help with all your conversion needs, for both baseboard and boiler/furnace replacement.
  • Entrance and panel upgrades:
    • Need to upgrade your electrical entrance to a larger one? we can do that for you.
    • Is your existing panel not large enough or full of mini breakers? We can replace you existing panel with a larger one.
  • Solar Panels:
    • Looking to cut your electrical bill? We can work with you to design and install a utility certified Solar Photovoltaic system to reduce your dependence on the local utility.
    • We can design and install systems for your home or cottage, whether connected to the grid or completely off grid.
  • Renovations and Repairs:
    • Looking to add, move, or change your lighting and/or power requirements? We can do that dor you. Both new construction and renovation and repairs can be handled easily by our staff.


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